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Whether you have 1 unit or 1,000, we get your rental property inspection done efficiently and have reasonable pricing plans.

Since 2014, a rental property inspection is required in order to comply with Seattle's Rental Registration & Inspection Ordinance program. Call Bryan Mize at Optimized Inspection Services, LLC to schedule your inspections today! (206) 349-0733

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Why Choose Optimized Inspection Services?



Get all of your RRIO inspection requirements met by a certified inspector. Optimized Inspection Services, LLC provides you with the required checklist and upon passing, a certificate of compliance for each rental property inspection performed. These are generally available within 24 hours of the performance of field work.


Being a Landlord himself, Bryan Mize understands the desire to contain costs. Whether you have 1 rental unit or 100, Optimized Inspection Services, LLC has a plan to fit your rental property inspection budget. Multiple units and frequent user discounts are available!


Our inspections are thorough and efficient. We take the time to explain all elements of the rental inspection to you as well as provide you with a detailed report of our findings. But don't just take our word for it; we like to let our Angie's List reviews speak for our work.



In most cases, a rental property inspection can be scheduled within a few business days. We don't waste any of your time; when inspecting your property we work efficiently and in a timely manner.

Meet the Optimized Inspection Team

Bryan Mize

I am Bryan Mize, owner of Optimized Inspection Services, LLC. I have been a Washington State licensed home inspector (WSHI #750) since 2010 and was one of the first private inspectors to be authorized as a Seattle rental inspector by the City of Seattle, WA when their Rental Registration & Inspection Code (RRIO) went into effect. I have been doing Seattle rental inspections since the program began and am intimately familiar with the area. I am also an authorized private inspector for the City of Tukwila program.

I grew up the son of a landlord in Bremerton, WA who moved to Seattle while in High School. For almost 20 years I have been a real estate owner, investor, agent, and inspector. I have gained knowledge of home inspections as a property manager/landlord and by rehabilitating multiple homes. I have also subdivided multiple properties and been a licensed real estate broker since 2003.

Chris Shea

Chris Shea joined forces with Optimized Inspection Services in the winter of 2015 and received his State License (WSHI #1589) and InterNACHI certification in 2016. Since then, he has performed over one-hundred inspections. Chris also comes from a background of Real Estate Investment and makes it a goal to never stop learning since building technology continues to change. When he is not in a crawlspace for a client you will likely find Chris on a stage somewhere as he rigorously pursues his passion in the performing arts. Quite the Shakespeare nerd, he welcomes you to challenge him with your favorite plays while he informs you of your homes’ condition.


Am I required to be present for my Seattle RRIO inspection?

Yes. During a Seattle RRIO inspection, the inspector will need full access to the property both inside and out. The property owner/manager must be present in order to allow access to the property and to interact with any occupants.

It is also important that you be present in order to review any findings with the Optimized Inspection Services inspector and understand any issues that may be found. Please expect to be on-site for 30 min. for a single unit, and 10-15 additional minutes for each additional unit inspected.

How long does a Seattle RRIO inspection take?

The Seattle RRIO inspection process typically takes about 10-15 minutes per unit and up to 20 minutes per building envelope. You should also allow time to discuss any deficiencies or remediation needed to bring your rental unit to compliance.

This means that you should plan to be on site with the inspector for a minimum of 30 minutes for a single unit inspection.

How soon can my RRIO inspection be completed?

We generally schedule each RRIO inspection 3-5 business days in advance. All of our inspections are scheduled based on booked appointments, location, and travel time. If there are other inspections scheduled sooner in your immediate area we will try to organize them to provide everyone with the most prompt service possible.

For large number of units in the same location, special arrangements can be made.

When will I receive my RRIO inspection certification?

RRIO inspection certifications are provided to the property owner/manager and delivered to the City on their behalf within 48 hours of completed field work.

When is my next RRIO inspection required?

When your property has been certified compliant, it is removed from the City's inspection pool for a minimum of 5 years.The City of Seattle requires all rental properties have an RRIO inspection periodically or show that they meet the inspection requirement some other way. Every month, they will notify a random selection of property owners that their property has been selected for inspection. The notice will indicate which units will be inspected and will give you at least 60 days to have the inspection completed.

When you receive a Notice of Required Inspection, you should call Optimized Inspection Services, LLC immediately to complete your inspection.

Complete information is available on their website HERE

What does an RRIO inspection check for?

During a Seattle RRIO inspection, the city requires that all items on the checklist be inspected and verified to meet the requirements set forth by the Rental Registration & Inspection Ordinance (RRIO).

The Rental Registration and Inspection Ordinance (RRIO) was established by the Seattle City Council after an extensive public involvement process. RRIO helps ensure that all rental housing in Seattle is safe and meets basic housing maintenance requirements. Starting in 2014, all rental property owners in Seattle must register their properties with the City. Inspectors will make sure all registered properties comply with minimum housing and safety standards at least once every 10 years.

Each unit must have a completed checklist and certification.

You can find the current checklist HERE.


  • Corey C.
    I am a manger of an apartment building in Seattle, WA. When it came time for inspection Bryan and his team were there to help. They did a great job and were very courteous and respectful to myself and the tenants. They were able to accommodate my schedule and worked quickly and efficiently to complete the inspection. I highly recommend Bryan and his team. I will be using them in the future.
    Corey C.
  • Joel
    We had originally contacted another inspector to perform our RRIO inspection. This person did not return our calls when he said he would and after three attempts to schedule an appointment, we were done. So then I contacted Bryan @ Optimized Inspection. Bryan responded immediately and scheduled an appointment. He was very courteous and professional. He arrived at the appointment site right on time, performed the inspection and handled the paperwork from there. I will definitely use him again.
  •  John K
    Bryan is GREAT!! He is extremely knowledgeable and very fair. He appreciates us and really enjoys what he does. I would HIGHLY recommend him, he is responsive, responsible and has an excellent reputation!! He handles both Seattle and Tukwila for us. He does all of our inspections for all locations.
    John K
  • JD
    Brian was fantastic to work with from start to finish. I had 20+ units to inspect and knew the day would not be one I wanted to repeat. Brian made the chore quite easy and frankly fairly relaxing. He is a real common sense type of guy, no BS, and pleasant to work with. His demeanor with the tenants is also very kind spirited.
  • MV
    Bryan was a pleasure to work with - clear communication, with good insights and guidance through the process. This was our first inspection, but I will certainly reach out to Bryan on future inspections at our other properties.
  • James T. Wiley
    Bryan's inspection was thorough and professional. He explained everything and had very good recommendations. He was a pleasure to work with and I will positively use him on all future property inspections. Highly recommended!
    James T. Wiley
  • George C.
    Bryan from Optimized Inspections was great to work with and gave great suggestions on how to address some issues that come up during the inspection. I was able to make all the necessary corrections and get our units into complete compliance.
    George C.

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